Core Words OPEN, SEE, WANT: Winter Edition

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by SamanthaIrace

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: OPEN 20 windows and SEE 20 different winter animals, objects, and activities with this Wintertime Windows language expansion deck! This deck includes: ★ 20 pairs of cards with a closed window and an open window each featuring a different winter animal, object, or activity (e.g., snowman, hot chocolate, penguin, igloo, snowboarder) *Each of the 20 "open window" cards includes 3 draggable core word sentence strips to facilitate language expansion/increase MLU 1. "I see __" 2. "I see a __" 3. "I see the __" ★ 5 unique pre-created picture scenes with the same 3 "I see..." draggable sentence strips + 2 draggable tabs to support narrative generation: - Story Elements Visual: Setting, Characters, Problem, Main Events, Solution - Transition Words List for the Beginning, Middle, End of a story (e.g., first, next, finally) ★ 5 identical cards with draggable elements for the creation of unique picture scenes including: 1. Draggable sentence strips to facilitate requesting: 1. "I want __" 2. "I want a __" 3. "I want the __" 2. Draggable tabs to support narrative generation: Story Elements Visual & Transition Words List