Super Bowl

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by 5Minz4OT

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Subjects: ot

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: Super Bowl cards made by an occupational therapist to work on left and right skills, memory, visual closure, visual scanning, visual memory, letter orientation, size, placement , figure ground, directionality skills. Should be combined with strengthening and exercises to promote hand strength and movement. Perfect for OT teletherapy or for special education. 1. intro 2.Visual scanning and counting 3. Lowercase tall letter line placement. When you move to next card have student write tall lowercase letters from memory. 4.Matching football items-form constancy 5.Uppercase and Lowercase distinction with right and left discrimination 6. Football joke-Have student write. 7. Short and tall lowercase letters / Right & Left discrimination 8. Counting Players and scanning 9. Tall, short and dive down practice for lowercase letters 10.Directionality practice/player to the goal 11. Tall and dive down letters with right and left discrimination