Valentine's Day Articulation Initial, Medial, and Final CH Sound Game for Winter Words

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by Bluebird Speech

Price: 200 points or $2 USD

Subjects: speech,articulation,phonology,valentinesDay

Grades: 0

Description: Simply move a delicious chocolate onto the target word in the Valentine's Day heart box after practicing. Kids will love filling the box while practicing CH sounds or deaffrication remediation! Phonemes include: Initial CH Level 1 Initial CH Level 2 Medial CH Level 1 Medial CH Level 2 Final CH Level 1 Final CH Level 2 These Boom Cards are a drag and drop activity great for teletherapy and virtual learning in Speech Therapy. It's great during Valentine's Day speech therapy! You get a total of 6 cards with 9 target words on each card! How do you incorporate Valentine's Day into your speech therapy? Valentine's Day can be a fun theme to use in speech therapy activities. You can work on language skills by discussing the meaning of love and friendship, practicing social skills by making Valentine's Day cards for classmates or loved ones, and improving articulation by reading Valentine's Day poems or stories aloud. You can also work on vocabulary by introducing Valentine's Day-themed words, such as "heart," "cupid," and "chocolate."