Converting Decimal Notation to Scientific Notation ★ Math TEK 8.2C ★ Digital Task Cards

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Subjects: math,mathMiddleSchool,theNumberSystem,midSchoolFactors

Grades: 7,8,9

Description: Are you looking for a fun, digital activity that covers Math TEK 8.2C which can be used to assess your students' conceptual knowledge of the standard or as test-prep practice problems before the STAAR Exam? This year, go green and let Boom Learning's powerful, interactive engine do the grading for you while breathing new life into your teaching of the common core standard of Converting Decimal Notation to Scientific Notation. COMPONENTS 1. 30 Auto-Graded 8th Grade Math Digital Task Cards* *20 of the 30 Questions Will Be Randomly Selected in Random Order For Each Student (reduces ability for students to share answers with each other). SUGGESTED USES - Digital Task Cards - Digital TEKS Assessment - Digital Staar Math Test Prep - TEKS 8.2C Assessment - TEKS 8.2C Review - Distance Learning Activity - STAAR Test Prep - Interim or Summative Assessment LEARNING GOAL | 8.2C Math TEK I can convert between numbers written in decimal notation and scientific notation.