Irregular past tense verbs - asking questions (1)

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by TamiaDesigns

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Description: Complete the question on each card in the past tense by using the verb in the answer. English language learners often make the mistake of using the past tense verb form in the question instead of the base form of the verb (for e.g. "Did you looked for your book?") With 20 different verbs (all irregular past tense verbs) this deck gives students the opportunity to practice asking past tense questions correctly. It also exposes them to the irregular past tense of 20 verbs while only asking them to produce the base form, which they may already be more familiar with. I have another deck in my store, "Irregular past tense verbs - answering questions" that would be a good follow up to this one. (They are both available as part of a bundle: Irregular past tense verbs.) Illustrated with photos, rather than clipart, this deck is suitable for adult English language learners as well as children as it does not look childish. Verbs included in this deck: blow - blew break - broke buy - bought cut - cut dig - dug do - did drink - drank eat - ate fly - flew freeze - froze go - went grow - grew pay - paid put - put run - ran sink - sank slide - slid swim - swam take - took wear - wore