Birdhouse and Nature Walk AAC Communication Board

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by Bluebird Speech

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Subjects: speech,communicationModalities,modalitiesAAC,assistiveTechnologies

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Description: In 2023/24, Bluebird Speech, in collaboration with Bartlett Tree Experts and Buda Woodworks, designed a fort called 'House of Birds and Words' and was selected to build it at an outdoor event called Fortlandia in Austin, TX! It's permanent home is now at Foster Village. One wall features picture symbols arranged in the form of an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) board. These symbols correspond to core words and birdhouse "fringe" vocabulary. Core words account for 75-80% of the words we say every day while fringe vocabulary consists of low frequency words related to the specific environment. Use this voice output AAC board by clicking on the words in English or Spanish.