14 Social Stories for Special Ed: Behaviours and Routines

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by Box of OT

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Description: Use these stories daily to reinforce positive behaviors or after a behavior occurs to promote reflection and learning. With easy-to-follow language and engaging illustrations, this bundle is an essential resource for teachers, counselors, occupational therapists or parents looking to support children with special education needs. These social stories are perfect for younger grades (pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade) or for special education classrooms (Autism classrooms, Behavior classrooms). Includes 14 Social Stories: - Inside Voice - Safe Body - Big Feelings & Tantrums - Personal Space - Being Kind - Keeping My Hands to Myself - Raise Your Hand - Stay in the Classroom - Turn Taking - Transition From Play Time to School Work - All Done with Tablet - When I Lose (Competitive Behaviours) - Lining Up