🍎 ESL / ESOL ACTIVITY | At The Beach Print Format

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by The Language Learning Pod

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Description: 🍎 ESL SUMMER SERIES AT THE BEACH | ESL / ESOL READER 🍎 AT THE BEACH is a MINI-BOOK created for EMERGENT READERS, and to develop your ESL / ESOL learners' VOCABULARY and READING and WRITING ability. 🍎 It includes a COLORED and B&W version for printing convenience. 🍎 This ESL / ESOL printable mini-book also includes: 1. Words to Know page to allow readers to front load the commonly used words in the reader. 2. GLOSSARY page to help build vocabulary. 3. WRITING pages for beginning and more advanced writers 4. SENTENCE MATCHING page that students can cut and glue on their notebooks. 5. Arranging words in ABC order 6. BIG PICTURES, ready to print, for PWIM (Picture Word Inductive Model) activity. 🍎 This print version is part of the AT THE BEACH ESL/ESOL ACTIVITY BUNDLE . This bundle includes the boom card version of this mini book with AUDIO read aloud. It also includes other DIGITAL LISTENING ACTIVITIES. 🍎 View a complete preview of the digital version here: https://bit.ly/3IWCJKl Access the AT THE BEACH ESL/ESOL ACTIVITY BUNDLE here: https://wow.boomlearning.com/store/bundle/opFm4Ak6ZskXou6EH?ref=self