French Classroom Decor | Rainbow Boho | Editable Calendar Numbers Posters

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

by Digital For French

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Description: ⭐⭐ From the first day back to school till the end of the year, decorate your classroom with these beautiful numbers posters and calendar labels (days and months), perfect for your French classroom decor. You can also edit blank ones | French decor Transform your French classroom into a vibrant and immersive learning environment with our stunning printable French classroom decor. This rainbow Boho style creates a sense of calmness and brings positive vibes to your classroom. With easy-to-print materials, you can quickly adorn your classroom walls and bulletin boards with a touch of French flair. Ignite your students' passion for learning with our meticulously crafted French classroom decor. Elevate the language learning experience and make your classroom an inspiring space for all. Explore our collection today and transform your classroom into a captivating French haven! What's included: 0-31 labels (circle shapes for the dates) 10 editable labels (circle shapes) 8 editable labels (rectangle shapes) 1-31 posters (A4 with numbers in letters) 7 days labels 12 months labels 30 editable posters (A4 ) All pages are JPEG format so you can add them on your powerpoint or Google Slides to edit (add them as a picture background and insert text) ⭐⭐ De la rentrée jusqu' à la fin de l'année, décorez votre classe avec ces magnifiques affiches sur les nombres et ce calendrier (jour, mois) pour votre salle de classe de français.