Earth Day Reading Comprehension

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

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by Dynamic Learning

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Subjects: fluency,sightWords,informationalText,litReadingComprehension,science

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: These no-prep Earth Day activities include an original song or use it as a poem. There are literacy activities for vocabulary and sight words. We also included word wall cards with real photos of the words and pocket chart cards to build the poem as well as a fill in the blank sheet which together makes a great center! We also have Earth Day Reading Comprehension Boom Cards with audio on every card. There are differentiated cut and paste worksheets where students put the words in order to make sentences and sight word sheets. We included answer keys so it makes them substitute friendly! Students will practice reading the poem with the fluency reading passage and answer questions. Included: - Earth Day song or use as a poem - pocket chart cards to build the poem - fill-in-the-blank sheet to go with the pocket chart cards -Cut and Paste Word Order Worksheets with 4 words and with 6 words for your differentiated needs -Answer Keys -5 Word Wall Cards with real pictures of the vocabulary words -Teacher Instructions for song/poem, worksheets and word cards - 5 Sight Word Worksheets with Answer Keys