CSI Math Murder Mystery - HELP! Christmas The Missing Sleigh

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

by Kiwiland

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Grades: 2,3,4,5

Description: Santa has been busy in the North Pole with all of his helpers making Christmas presents for all of the children around the world. He loads up his sleigh with all of the presents so that they are ready to be delivered on Christmas Eve. Presents big and small have carefully been packed. As Santa comes back to load the last present he discovers that his sleigh is missing!!! How will he deliver the presents? It is your students jobs as math inspectors to find out who has taken the missing sleigh. Luckily the person has left 5 Christmas math clues for them to solve to discover who has taken it. This case includes Clue 1: 2 digit addition with regrouping Clue 2: Mapping using coordinates on 2 axis Clue 3: 3 digit addition with regrouping using an algorithm Clue 4: Subtraction from 100 Clue 5: Multiplication of single digits Answer sheets are included and Merry Christmas These math mysteries are designed for second, third and fourth grade students. Could also be used with struggling fifth grade students that need a little extra work and reinforcement in adding and take aways (or advanced, gifted and talented second grade). I also leave some of the mysteries for my sub teacher. Math Mysteries are an independent escape room (or crack the code) type of activity where instead of using locks, students identify suspects with puzzles and word problems . This mystery is perfect for Christmas in December and suits both Northern and Southern hemispheres Christmas