Sight Word Worksheets down

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by The Connett Connection

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Subjects: sightWords,foundationalSkills,reading,ela

Grades: 13,1

Description: This sight word worksheet packet contains eight no prep worksheets for practicing reading, writing and spelling the target sight word. The sight word is taught in context with targeted sight word reading fluency passages and unscrambling sentences pages. Other sight word activities include tracing the sight word, writing the sight word and spelling the sight word. There is also a page included for students to get creative and decorate the sight word. This packet focuses on the sight word down. This packet contains the following activities: Build a Sentence: Students will cut out the words and unscramble the sentence using their sight word. They will then draw a picture of what the sentence is about. Sight Word Practice Sheet: Students will color the sight word, trace the sight word, write the sight word and finally cut out the letters that spell the word and paste them in the correct boxes. Sight Word Word Search: Students will color the sight word, draw the sight word, trace the sight word and finally find the sight word in the word search. Sight Word Dab: Students will dab, color or cover the sight word. Sight Word Tracing Page: Students can trace or rainbow write their sight word. Sight Word Color Page: Students can color or paint their sight words. Sight Word Write and Read: Students will trace the sight word, write the sight word in the space in each sentence and then students will read the sentences. Sight Word Reading Page: Students will read the story and then draw