Day and Night Science Activities

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Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Fun activities for teaching all about objects in the daytime and nighttime sky! This Day and Night Sky packet teaches the concept of Day and Night by providing you with fun sorting activities, worksheets, writing activities, and includes real projectable photos. Set Includes: One Sorting Worksheet One Sheet of Sorting Pictures Sorting Answer Key Instructions for Interactive Flip Tab Pages The Sky During the Day Writing Interactive Flip Tab Page (2 per page) The Sky at Night Writing Interactive Flip Tab Page (2 per page) Concept Sorting Worksheet Concept Sorting Answer Key One Illustrated Day Card (4.5 x 6) One Illustrated Night Card (4.5 x 6) 20 Colored Sorting Cards for Centers & Write the Room Trace the Room Worksheet Write the Room Worksheet Instructions for Visualize and Discuss with Photos 6 Visualize and Discuss Photos (8.5 x 11) Venn Diagram Worksheets to Compare and Contrast (Day & Night) Common Core Standards Covered in this Packet Include: • Create a Venn diagram to compare the objects that can be see in the day and night sky. • Observe, discuss, and draw objects found in the day and night sky. • Know the different objects that are visible in the day and night sky • Ask & answer questions about key details, make logical inferences, and draw conclusions based on evidence • Use information gained from illustrations (or photographs) to demonstrate understanding • Integrate and evaluate information presented in diverse media and formats, including visually