Matching Game Template for Boom Cards

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

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by Pep Talk

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Description: It's like having your very own virtual assistant! This matching game template is a boom deck that will easily be transferred to your account to personalize. Quickly make games to play or sell. Clone this template deck as many times as you want. The image cards are preset to re-order every game! Once you download this pdf file you will see instructions to send your username with proof of purchase to an email address. This is what I will use to “transfer” this deck to your account and the new deck will be 100% your property and I will no longer have access to it. I recommend cloning the deck right away to have as a back up. I will transfer this matching game template to you within a few hours or less (during normal business hours 8:00am-5:00pm central time m-f) of receiving your email. If I see the email and can transfer the deck sooner or outside of those times, I will absolutely try my best to do so. Please follow the directions for the transfer included in this purchase. *Games made to sell or as a free item in the boom store with this template can not be the same or similar to the articulation matching game boom decks I sell on Boom Learning. They must look different than mine and address speech goals in a different way than mine. You can do a quick search in my store for “matching game” to see what is not aloud.