Printable Heart Word Flashcards and Sight Word Center

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

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by Tammy's Toolbox

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Subjects: ela,reading,foundationalSkills,fluency,sightWords

Grades: 13,1,2,3

Description: Give your students a playful edge in learning tricky high-frequency heart words! This engaging set of printable flashcards coordinates with the digital Building Heart Words Boom Cards to provide a multisensory, science-of-reading approach to solidifying irregular sight words that don't follow the usual phonics rules. Packed with Variety & Fun: Three flash cards for each word provide multiple ways to practice and reinforce word sounds, spelling, and writing. Includes a handwriting practice card, a reading practice card, and a card with heart word sounds marked. Directions for using the cards and setting up a sight word task card center are provided. Includes 45 words. This resource is included in the Building Heart Words Bundle with 3 Boom Decks. Words included: again, any, are, been, buy, come, could, do, does, done, eye, four, friend, from, heart, hour, laugh, many, of, once, one, said, says, should, some, such, the, their, there, they, to, two, very, was, were, what, where, who, whole, whom, whose, won, would, you, your Science of Reading Aligned: CCS Aligned: CCSS RF.K.3, CCSS RF.K.3a, CCSS RF.1.2, CCSS RF.1.3g