Mothers Day Reading Comprehension with Mothers Day Gift

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by Dynamic Learning

Price: 400 points or $4 USD

Subjects: phonics,sightWords,informationalText,litReadingComprehension,mothersDay

Grades: 13,1

Description: Do your students struggle with reading comprehension? This Mothers Day Reader will solve that problem because it has real photos of vocabulary words that are thematic and help young students make better connections. There is also a simple song with the words so it helps students to retain the words and enjoy the story. It is perfect for teaching words about mothers. With our books, nouns aren’t just nouns, now they are pictures in the child’s mind. Students will learn the words MOTHER'S DAY, APPRECIATE, SPECIAL, HONOR, and AFFECTION The real photos have been great for my ESL and emergent learners! We have also included a bonus Mothers Day gift book that makes a nice keepsake for mothers. We have included a teacher guide on how to use the literacy boxes on the pages of the emergent readers. We like to use them to teach phonetic elements in the words. It really helps our students to see the connections in the words. It makes a great supplement for science of reading. We have added word wall vocabulary cards with the real photos from the book. I introduce them at the beginning of our study for Mothers Day during morning meeting and they help my students to make better connections. There are also 5 differentiated worksheets with phonics questions and 5 without. This is a great addition to our Mothers Day Boom Cards! Check out a few cards for free!