Printable Companion for Phonological Process – STRIDENCY DELETION

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Description: Phonological Process – STRIDENCY DELETION: Assessment & Intervention Remediation of a phonological processing speech sound disorder requires the reorganization of the phonological system in order to establish new sound patterns necessary for intelligible speech production. STRIDENCY DELETION: Replacing a STRIDENT: f – v - s - z - ʃ - ʧ - ʤ with a(n) NON-STRIDENT or OMISSION targets the phonetic and phonemic elements of the remediation process. 1. Phonetic Element – motor element directing coordination of articulators for sound production 2. Phonemic Element - linguistic element directing sound patterns that signal changes in meaning. SECTION I Assessment: Word Naming & Sentence Imitation Sound Inventory - baseline and progress monitoring resource for assessing speech pattern errors at word and sentence levels SECTION II Intervention Activities: 1. Auditory Bombardment 2. Articulator Placement 3. Visual Models Cues 4. Distinctive Feature Contrast Drills 5. Word Level Practice 6. Game Activities 7. Homework