f ipw Flash Cards at Word and Sentence level

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

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by Sparky Speech

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Grades: 0

Description: This is a comprehensive set of stimulus cards (Total 120) for /f/ in initial position of words with 1- 4 syllables (84 stimulus cards) and sentences containing 2-4 targets such 'The boy fell off in the field' and 'The fish has a funny face' (36 stimulus cards). These can be used as flash cards, pairs/memory game or bingo etc. It can be shared or printed for the use with the purchaser's students/clients. You can print or share with a teacher, caregiver or parent who is working with the SAME child on their speech for home or in school practice. This product must not be shared in any form (printed or e-form) with other therapists or assistants.