Winter Vocab Task Cards L3 Printies

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

by TheTeachingDoc

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Description: Winter Vocabulary Sight Word Printies include 20 Task Cards in Color and 20 Task Cards in B&W for easier printing. Get your students ready to learn 20 Winter Words! With Level 3, your students will read a winter scenario based on the vocabulary sight words and choose the correct item out of 3 choices. This is a great addition to any Early Learning classroom, ELL/ESOL classroom as well as any Adapted Special Education classroom. These activities can also support Literacy and Reading goals in your students IEP. These 20 Winter literacy / vocabulary terms will not only help your students identify common items found in the winter but also increase their basic sight word vocabulary. ✤ To Print Task Cards: The Task Cards, as downloaded, are 1/2 page which are great for students that need a larger size. To print 4x6 index card sized task cards, select "2 pages per sheet". To print 3x5 index card sized task cards, select "4 pages per sheet". These are not designed to print directly to index card template paper. What has worked best for my students was to print to on heavy duty card stock and laminate.