Area and Perimeter No Prep Worksheets | 3rd Grade

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by Miss kindergarten fun

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Grades: 3,4,5

Description: This Area and perimeter no prep printable worksheets are a fun way for your student to learn the area and Perimeter concepts. The resource includes 54 pages and there are lots of fun things to do. It is in Ready-to-print PDF format and you just need to print to start practicing. The worksheet works great with students who need a lit bit of extra help to learn the concepts of Area and Perimeter. The resource is designed mainly for 2nd, 3rd-grade students and above classes. ⭐⭐The product includes the following formats ⭐⭐ 1. A Ready-to-Print PDF file 2. Google Slide non-editable file (link is at the end of the PDF file) ⭐⭐WHERE TO USE ⭐⭐ You can use these in any special education, RTI, resource support, etc. These Boom Cards are Perfect for direct instruction, Assessment, Practice, progress monitoring IEP goals, and Math fact fluency. ⭐⭐ what's included ⭐⭐ •Page 2,3 – Basics – Formula ⭐Perimeter only⭐ •Page 4 – Find the Perimeter (with Grid) •Page 5,6,7,8 – Find the perimeter (different shapes) •Page 9,10,11 – Draw the Perimeter with grid •Page 12,13 – Spin the perimeter •Page 14,15 – Cut and paste perimeter •Page 16-20 – Find the missing side •Page 21-23– Perimeter Models ⭐Area only⭐ •Page 24-26 – Find the area (with grid) •Page 27,28 – Find the Area •Page 29-31 – Draw the area with grids •Page 32,33 – Spin the area •Page 34 - Cut & Paste ⭐⭐FOLLOW ME⭐⭐ Follow me to be the first one to know about my new freebies, discount, sales, etc.