Plate Tectonics & Continental Drift Bundle Earth Science

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by The Teacher Time Saver

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Grades: 4,5,6,7,8

Description: This Earth Science Plate Tectonics unit bundle focuses on layers of the Earth, Continental Drift, Convection in the Mantle, Seafloor spreading, and Theory of Plate Tectonics. This resources includes 5 lessons, slide presentations and differentiated notes (editable), warm-ups, Boom Cards, activities to practice what was learned from the notes, test and a quiz (editable), lab activity, and a trivia board game review project. A student-friendly notebook set-up and teacher pacing guide and support is also included. WHAT DOES THIS BUNDLE INCLUDE? ★ Pre-Assessment/Warm-up ★ Layers of the Earth Lesson ★ Continental Drift Lesson ★ Convection in the Mantle ★ Seafloor Spreading Lesson ★ Theory of Plate Tectonics ★ Earth Model Project ★ Plate Tectonics Worksheet ★ Assessments- Test and Quiz with answer keys ★ Editable Cornell Notes and Slide Presentation Word Search Pacing Guide