A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

by Reading by Heart

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Grades: 3,4,5,6

Description: Looking for strategies that work for your older readers still struggling to decode multisyllabic words? Help is here! Close that success gap quickly! This best-selling INTERVENTION BINDER is a NO-PREP! GOOGLE SLIDES ® activity or choose the ONE-TIME PREP intervention binder notebook of 100 WORDS - B&W & COLOR versions! TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! FREE SAMPLER: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/READING-INTERVENTION-BINDER-Decoding-Multisyllabic-Words-EXPLORE-A-WORD-SAMPLER-6555751#show-price-update In this effective and engaging resource, readers practice decoding multisyllabic words by looking for word parts inside gigantic words. Finding the word parts is modeled for readers, providing a scaffold for developing decoders. CHOOSE from these versions: -NO-PREP GOOGLE SLIDES (links in PDF) -NO-PREP INTERACTIVE POWERPOINT -ONE-TIME PREP PRINTED INTERVENTION BINDER - B&W -ONE-TIME PREP PRINTED INTERVENTION BINDER - COLOR -ORIGINAL FILE: 104 words on 52 PRINTABLE pages -PLUS: BONUS GOOGLE SLIDES DRAG & DROP NO-PREP PRACTICE ACTIVITY HOW TO USE: -DIGITAL GOOGLE SLIDES® virtual or in-person -INTERACTIVE POWERPOINT virtual or in-person -INTERVENTION BINDER: guided practice /one-time prep/in page protectors -PROJECT THE PDF PAGES virtual or in-person -PRINT and SEND HOME as a printed packet -STUDENT SEAT WORK as a printed packet