Back to School Articulation Board Games Printies

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by Pinwheel Speech Products

Price: 500 points or $5 USD


Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Includes game 47 game boards for the following speech sounds: K, G, F, V, S, Z, SH, CH, TH, L, R & Blends. Are you looking for printable articulation activities to use this fall? This back-to-school themed board game is designed to be used with speech and language students to practice speech sounds in words. You could also have your students create sentences when they are ready. Each board includes special spaces where students might have to move back 2 spaces because they "forgot their lunch" or they might move ahead 2 spaces because they "made a new friend". This set includes 47 game boards that can be used again and again! Speech targets include: initial K, medial K, final K, K in all positions initial G, medial G, final G, G in all positions initial F, medial F, final F, F in all positions initial V, medial V, final V, V in all positions initial S, medial S, final S, S in all positions, and S Blends initial Z, medial Z, final Z, Z in all positions initial SH, medial SH, final SH, SH in all positions initial CH, medial CH, final CH, CH in all positions initial TH, medial TH, final TH, TH in all positions initial L, medial L, final L, L in all positions, and L Blends initial R, vocalic ER, EAR, IRE, AIR, OR, AR, R in all positions, and R Blends Open-ended game How to Play: Each student takes a turn rolling the die, moving the appropriate number of spaces and saying the word (option 2: say all the words along the way). The first to person to reach the end wins the game!