Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Passages for Valentine's Day

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by The Viral Teacher

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Grades: 13

Description: Looking for NO PREP reading comprehension passages and writing prompts for Valentine's Day? These independent reading worksheets give your kindergarten and ESL students 10 short passages to read and answer WH questions related to the passage. Aside from the short texts, they will also practice their writing skills by answering the opinion and picture prompts and solving picture puzzles. These print-and-go worksheets will help make reading fun and enjoyable for your students. Reasons why you need this resource: -You can assign these worksheets as extra practice or homework. -Students can practice reading and work independently. -NO COLOR COPIES included to save ink. -This is a perfect activity to give to substitute teachers. -All the passages are Valentine's Day-related. -There are three picture puzzles to solve if there's still extra time. The PDF file includes the following: -10 short reading passages with WH- questions -4 opinion writing prompts -2 picture prompts -3 picture puzzles