Social Skills 35 Days of Advice PRINTIE

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

by BigDogCards

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Grades: 5,6,7,8,9

Description: This 35-Week Social Skills Activity Program, tailored for older students, focusing on crucial areas like Topic Maintenance, Being Truthful, Identifying Feelings, Social Filter and Social Inference. Each week, students are given one form of social skills rule: promoting self-reflection and fostering gradual skill development. Simply Print one worksheet per week and administer it to your students! I like to write the rule on my black board as an opening Monday Morning activity, discuss it, and then follow up at the end of the week with each worksheet. However, if you want the full experience consider the Full 35 week resource where you read one social Scenario per week, review the rule or advice, then follow up with one worksheet at the END of the week where you can discuss whether or not this form of advice was used or observed. One form of advice per week! The worksheets touch on a wide array of social complexities empowering students for success in personal growth. If you are looking for the companion 75 Card BOOM deck look at my Decks section and search the TITLE with the same Name " Social SKills 35 days of Advice" or copy and paste this link: