FREE sample learn it all-Christmas edition

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by clickplayrepeat

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Grades: 14,13

Description: FREE sample of the Christmas edition worksheets from my busy book series Learn it all! Take a look at how cute these reusable pages are for your preschool & Kindergarten kids! ⭐️THIS IS A FREE SAMPLE OF THE RESOURCE BELOW. THIS FREE SAMPLE WILL NOT INCLUDE ALL OF THE PAGES. THE DESCRIPTION IS WHAT YOU WILL FIND IN THE FULL VERSION. IN THIS SAMPLE PDF YOU WILL RECEIVE 4 PAGES TO VIEW THE QUALITY AND VALUE YOU WILL BE GETTING. ENOJY YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD!⭐️ In this book you will find: 26 Letters to Santa pages-Identify the uppercase and lowercase letter, trace the letter, write the letter independently 20 red-nosed numbers pages-Look at the sequence and identify the missing number. Write the number on the poster 12 snowflake shapes pages- Read and identify the shape, and then circle the correct one on the page 10 connect the colors pages- Identify the grouped colors and connect them to form a line of 3, 4, and 5 12 CVC cookies pages- Read the CVC word and then circle the corresponding image 10 Reindeer rhymes pages- Identify the image and then circle the image that rhymes 8 Penguin paths pages- Trace each line on the path 98 total worksheets