Printable Carrier Phrases for Articulation Speech Therapy

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

by Pinwheel Speech Products

Price: 450 points or $4.5 USD


Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: Are your students ready to practice their speech sounds in phrases and short sentences with visual support? This product includes a variety of print and go carrier phrases that can be used during speech therapy sessions or sent home for practice with articulation cards. Use with any articulation cards or purchase these articulation cards with speech sound cues. These carrier phrases could also be used with language students to practice specific grammar sentence structures (pronouns, subject verb agreement, articles) and expanding utterances. In addition to 100 pre-made carrier phrases, I have also included individual pictures (including people with different skin tones and gender neutral pronouns) and sentence strips that you can use to create custom carrier phrases. What's included? - 100 pre-made carrier phrases (e.g., "I hear a ..., She found a ..., I love...) - Includes sentence strips and 92 individual pieces to create your own custom carrier phrases (pronouns, verbs, articles, adjectives, etc) _____________________ 48 Full Color printable pages