A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

by Mrs. LaTulip

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Grades: 13,1

Description: This crab craft activity is sure to keep your kids engaged and makes for perfect bulletin board or classroom décor! The activities blend science, writing and with an easy-to-make craft. Product Details: ⭐15 Pages ⭐Opens as a PDF ⭐Circle and tree maps for the class and students to use for pre-writing →Circle and tree maps are used a graphic organizers ⭐Focus on nonfiction writing ⭐Included crab craft printable template ⭐CCSS aligned ⭐Easy prep- includes a teacher guide with the objective, standard, material list, details for printing the template, and creating the crab Students will learn/practice: ⭐Informative Writing Skills ⭐Spelling How to use this resource: ⭐Complete the pre-writing steps with your student(s) ⭐Student(s) will complete a draft and final piece that will be used for the craft ⭐Craft-each piece of the template includes directions for printing ⭐Student(s) will complete the craft