Solving Equations Puzzle 1 - Punny Math Puns Puzzle

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by MathMan1962

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Grades: 6,7,8,9,10

Description: Do you NOT have time to create your own handouts, worksheets, or homework assignments? We have you covered! This activity is part of our new Punny Math Puns Puzzle series. The puzzle requires students to solve 10 equations and find the solutions. They then match the solutions and the letter of the variable in the empty blanks at the top of the puzzle. The equations range in complexity and have integer, fractional, and mixed number solutions. This activity is perfect as a whole group guided practice activity to do with your students during class or as a homework assignment. The answer key is included with a second answer key page with each equation worked out completely. This activity can also act as a differentiated instruction activity for those students that need additional practice or remediation in this topic. It can also be used as enrichment for students that need to be challenged with a topic beyond what they are currently learning.