Irregular past tense verbs printable action picture cards

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by Augment HS

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Subjects: ela,speech,elaLanguage,knowledgeOfLanguage,vocabAcquisitionAndUse

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: Need more irregular past tense verb activities? Printable PDF These fun cartoon action verb flashcards will give you multiple possibilities to teach children irregular past tense verbs. Print and cut out the cards. You could print them on card or stick the cutout to card to use again. Alternatively, you could laminate them for reuse. The card boarders are thin to save ink. This PDF could also be used as a reference for discussion on a tablet or computer. Memory game Use the cards in a memory game by laying the cards face down on the table and then matching the present and past tense. Once the player finds two matching cards (ie past and present verbs) they then put the verbs into sentences. This game can be a good way to engage a group when learning irregular past tense. Verbs included catch caught see saw eat ate fall fell read read (red) give gave swim swam shake shook run ran dig dug swing swung drink drank sing sung think thought sleep slept hit hit write wrote teach taught bend bent fly flew stick stuck hold held buy bought ride rode hear heard feel felt throw threw spin spun