"The Unfair Game"

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

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by Kenny's Classroom

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Grades: 5,6,7,8,9

Description: It is called "The Unfair Game" because it drives students crazy as their prizes disappear from the whiteboard.The Unfair Game is an innovative resource that can be used to engage any group of students. You will love this challenging and fun game. Your students will be absolutely enthralled, even if the rules are unfair! What is the Unfair Game? A classroom activity that will allow you to engage your students as they answer academic questions related to your choice of topic. How do you play? It is a game in which you design a small personalised Prize Board. You then ask students quiz questions for any subject at all. 1. Ask a random student to provide the answer 2. If they are correct, their name is entered on the Prize Board. 3. Play continues until all prizes are gone. 4. Students who answer correctly now get to remove the names of other students and add their own names - how UNFAIR! What is included? You will download a PowerPoint that provides space for questions to be added. Each question slide will include an embedded link to a video of a 2-minute timer. The PowerPoint contains a random spinning wheel that will allow you to select the names of students. Instructions with step-by-step details about how to play the game and a list of suggested prizes All new updates! Font Improvements Navigation improvements Bonus 40-student version of the activity