Earth Day Writing Prompts | Earth Day Activities for 1st Grade

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by The Viral Teacher

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Grades: 1

Description: Are you looking for creative ways to engage your 1st graders in Earth Day activities? Look no further! These 52 Earth Day writing prompts can help them get their creative juices flowing without spending hours creating the prompts from scratch! Some writing prompts include: ✔️Writing about the importance of bees/birds; ✔️Their favorite way to help the Earth; ✔️Writing a letter to a friend/family member and telling them why taking care of the environment is important Here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing this resource: ✔️These print-and-go worksheets contained lined pages. ✔️There are 52 writing prompts to choose from, perfect for homework, subs, and Earth Day activities. ✔️It includes cut-out prompts that you can laminate. ✔️NO color clip art to save ink! The PDF file includes the following: ✔️6 pages of Earth Day writing prompts lists ✔️14 pages of cut-out prompts ✔️52 pages of writing prompts on lined pages that you can print and hand to your students There's a total of 72 pages included. Email me at for questions.