Adding & Multiplying Expressions - Boom Set

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by MathMan1962

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Grades: 7,8,9,10,11

Description: Do you NOT have time to create your own handouts, worksheets, or homework assignments? We have you covered! This activity covers both adding/subtracting and multiplying expressions. Many students get these two concepts confused. They have trouble understanding when the terms are combined and when powers and being multiplied. These exercises have students add or subtract them and then multiply the same expressions. Makes a great whole-group guided practice activity or as a homework assignment. A detailed answer key is provided. This activity can also act as a differentiated instruction activity for those students that need additional practice or remediation in this topic. It can also be used as enrichment for students that need to be challenged with a topic beyond what they are currently learning. This product is copyright material and can not be sold, repackaged, or distributed in any way without explicit written permission from DNJDesigns. Content and images can not be copied or extracted to use in any other document or personal use item. Images purchased individually or in image packs can be used for personal use and classroom documents. All rights are reserved.