Phoneme Segmentation Activities For Final Consonant Digraphs

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by Literacy Stations

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Grades: 1,2

Description: Provide your students with fun and engaging activities for phonemic segmentation. This activity for final consonants digraphs has 64 print pages to help your students with their phonemic awareness. Great for your whole group or spelling centers, your students will use emojis to identify the sounds in the final consonant digraphs, build the words with magnet letters, then write the word in a sentence. How Will This Help My Students Learn Phoneme Segmentation? Phonemic awareness is essential to proficient word recognition and decoding. When a student breaks the word into sounds, they are learning that those sounds can then be manipulated into new words. These phoneme segmentation activities make it fun for students to learn which sounds belong in their spelling list of final consonant digraphs. This final consonant digraphs activity has color and B&W printable pages per spelling skill to practice: ⬛️ 64 color and black and white pages. ⬛️ Reading the word. ⬛️ Segmenting the word. ⬛️ Writing the word. ⬛️ Using the word in a sentence. A final consonant digraphs cut and paste activity is also included. Students color and cut out emojis to mark the correct ending digraphs. Use a bingo dauber for more fun! Final Consonant Digraphs Include: ⬛️ -th: moth, tooth, bath, math ⬛️ -ch: peach, witch, watch, torch, branch, bench, beach, couch ⬛️ -sh: fish, brush, trash, flash, bush, cash, dish, lash ⬛️ -ck: truck, duck, block, sock, check, brick, clock, chick