Stone Soup Book Companion

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

by rickiblock

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Grades: 0

Description: Stone Soup is a wonderful Folktale which has been retold in different ways by several authors. This is my version of Stone Soup. A folktale is a shared oral story passed down from one generation to another. The story can be shaped by the story teller to fit the needs of the listeners. It has a setting, a conflict & tired and solving the conflict (eating & sleeping.) About the story: Two hungry & tired travelers arrive in a village. They request something to eat and a place to sleep. To their surprise, villagers close their doors and say they don’t have any food. The travelers create a plan to make a Magical Stone Soup using 2 round stones as a starter. This is a predictable story with similar text on each page. In the end, villagers contribute food and the soup grows. “It takes a village” is a perfect quote for this story – showing the positive outcome of kindness, sharing, generosity….and the magic of positive thinking! Included in this set: 1.Story sequencing and recall – Color (the pot is a gif!) and B & W story (color, cut & glue pics in pot) 2.Story props – boy and girl travelers, foot strips 3.16 WH /inference questions and 5 fill-in sentences 4.Story sequencing board 5.Craft – color, cut and glue pics in big pot 6.Category memory match – 5 categories 7.Multisyllable words 8.Plural /s/ matching cards 9.Pronouns – match description in sentence to a person (he or she) 10.Create a scene