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by Reading by Heart

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Grades: 3,4,5,6

Description: MORPHEMES are the BUILDING BLOCKS of multisyllabic words. EXPLICITLY and SYSTEMATICALLY teach your readers to HOW TO RECOGNIZE AND PRONOUNCE - with automaticity - the basic building blocks they will encounter when reading gigantic, multisyllabic words: -prefixes -suffixes -roots -bases/small words Being able to READ WITH AUTOMATICITY THE MORPHEMES OF MULTISYLLABIC WORDS will bring confidence, pride and skill to even your most strugging readers as they decode GIGANTIC WORDS! USE these flashcards in PRINT or DIGITAL form to teach your students how to spot and say the building blocks of big words. Use to TEACH and REVIEW. A SELF-STUDY BOOM DECK TALKING FLASHCARDS version with audio is also available in both LEARN and ASSESS form. Sets 13-20