Sentence Imitation Assessment & Analysis Recording Forms

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

by Speech Club Publications

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Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: **These forms should be paired with the "Sentence Imitation Inventory Pictures" card deck - they are meant to be sold together as a bundle. This resource provides materials necessary to obtain a baseline assessment and analysis of speech error patterns at the sentence level using a delayed sentence imitation format. The Sentence Imitation Inventory targets 18 singleton consonants in 8 trials each and 16 consonant clusters in 2 trials each. Sound production is assessed in multiple positions at sentence level. The sounds pattern results are recorded on the Sentence Imitation Inventory Recording Form. The Sentence Imitation Analysis & Summary Form is used to analyze the results of the sound pattern inventory to assist in determining whether the sound pattern disorder is of a phonological or an articulatory nature. It evaluates the sound change errors for 13 phonological processes: Stridency Deletion, Stopping, Backing, Fronting, Gliding, Alveolarization, Deaffrication, Affrication, Labialization, Initial Consonant Deletion, Final Consonant Deletion, Cluster Reduction and Syllable Reduction. Forms Included: *Sound Pattern Assessment Recording Form *Sound Pattern Analysis & Summary Form *Phonological Processes Reference Chart *Rubric Worksheet