Assertive Aggressive or Passive Requests PRINTIE

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by BigDogCards

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Subjects: Special Autism,communicationSkills,expressiveLanguage,pragmatics,socialAspectsOfCommunication

Grades: 6,7,8

Description: This Social Skills Worksheet for teaching the difference between being assertive without being rude or passive may be perfect for you. This worksheet provides your students with examples of assertive comments, passive comments, and aggressive comments. If your students struggle with speech filters, then this two page worksheet may be for you. It accompanies a 33 card deck (26 scenarios!) with 54 Drag and drop prompts, 10 multiple choice prompts, 10 open-ended prompts, 5 instructional cards, and 3 fill-in-the-blank prompts.However the worksheet can also be used alone. If interested in the deck search for " Assertive, Aggressive or Passive Requests " in my store.