Say and Color Initial Sounds Printable Articulation Activity Boom Printie

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by Pinwheel Speech Products

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Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: This activity is designed to be a quick “print and go” activity to practice phonological awareness, auditory discrimination, identifying beginning sounds, and practicing targeted articulation sounds in the initial position of words. The following sounds are included in this packet: M, N, P, B, T, D, W, H, Y, K, G, F, V, S, Z, L & R in the initial position of words. I have also included speech sound visual cues (mouth picture) on each page. There are so many ways to use these worksheets! Students can use dot markers (bingo daubers), crayons, colored pencils, or markers to color each word section. You could also use stamps. magnetic chips, mini erasers, or game pieces to cover each word. These worksheets could be also sent home for at home practice. In addition, this activity could be completed digitally by using online coloring tools (e.g., Easel, Seesaw) to color the words. It is easy to individualize this activity to meet all of your articulation students’ needs. Simply choose the sound that your student needs to practice and have your student practice the words on the page at their current level of practice (word, phrase, or sentence). There are two levels of practice for each sound (Level 1 is initial sound only and Level 2 has initial sound mixed with other sounds) to allow for differentiation. Level 1 pages double as answer keys for Level 2 independent practice. Tip: You might want to cut off the answer key at the bottom of the page for older students who can read!