Pie Charts Worksheets and Task Cards

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by YooPlusMe - Crystal Lin

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Subjects: math

Grades: 1,2,3,4,5

Description: Data: Pie Charts / Circle Graphs / Pie Graph / Donut Graphs 40 Questions on Pie Charts. Each worksheets has 4 questions. And included 40 Task Cards. Covers Pie Charts for Primary 4 and Primary 6 includes Whole Numbers, Right Angle, Percentage and Fractions. Types of Questions 1) Find the Sum 2) Find the missing values, fractions or percentages What is included 10 Worksheets Each Worksheet has 4 Questions Total of 40 Questions Print and Digital Colored Worksheets and Task Cards Black & White - economical to print No Prep! - Just print and use Answer Keys #Primary #Pie #Charts #Graphs # Statistics #SingaporeMath #Donut #Doughnuts