I'm Excited Interactive Social Narrative Adapted Book & Emergent Readers

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by SpecEd Specialties

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Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Develop social emotional learning and teach social skills using this short story about excitement. Perfect for learning about feelings and emotions, it includes NO PREP adapted books and emergent readers versions. Students read (or are read to) the short story, match the picture on the page, and answer the question using image tiles. The interactive nature of the adapted book is easily differentiated, depending on the ability of each student. This is a great story to read to prepare for back to school, or any time. This product includes 4 versions of the Sometimes I Get Excited! story: -full-colour adapted book PDF -full-colour emergent reader PDF -black-and-white emergent reader PDF -1-page full-colour PDF Use the interactive adapted book in three ways: -read the story -match the image on each page -answer the question on each page Easily differentiate the adapted book by including 0, 1, 2, or 4 image tiles on each page, as desired: Story only - omit all image tiles and simply read the story Errorless matching – include only the 1 image tile that matches the illustration on the page for students to move to the indicated box Matching – include 2 image tiles on each page (1 correct, 1 incorrect) for students to match to the illustration on the page Questioning – include 2 image tiles as multiple-choice options to answer the question on each page (use with or without the matching options)