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by A-Z Infinity

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Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Word Family Flash Cards Word Family Flashcards PDFs are fun and engaging. These easy lessons for teaching word families will help your students learn to read. Each page has the word family in alphabetical order. I have also included alphabet flashcards to help with building words. Simply laminate and cut out flashcards for students to practice their CVC words. The Mini Lesson is a great way to build understanding of CVC words! Grades: Pre-k, Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade Directions: Print Laminate Cut out Use mini lesson to build CVC words Includes: 26 Pages Mini Lesson CVC words /ap/ /ag/ /ad/ /am/ /ar/ /at/ /aw/ /ay/ /ee/ /ed/ /en/ /et/ /ew/ /ig/ in/ /ip/ /it/ /og/ /oo/ (Long oo) /op/ /ot/ /ow/ /ub/ /um/ /un/ Four Letter Words /air/ /ain/ /ail/ /age/ /ade/ /ack/ /ace/ /ake/ /ale/ /ame/ /ank/ /and/ /ark/ /ash/ /ate/ /eat/ /eek/ /eel/ /eep/ /ent/ /ell/ /eet/ /est/ /ice/ /ight/ /ile/ /ill/ /ine/ /ish/ /oat/ /ock/ /oil/ /oke/ /old/ /ood/ /ook/ /ool/ /oom/ /oon/ /oop/ /oat/ /ore/ /orn/ /ought/ /ouse/ /own/ /uck/ /ump/ /unk/ Features: A mini lesson that is very engaging and interactive. A very good use of thinking skills. You will enjoy your students input, ideas, and imagination! ABC flashcards are included. Color and ink friendly! Format: Created in PPT saved as PDF I hope Word Family Flashcards is helpful in teaching CVC words to your class! Thank You for you for your purchase!