Detailed Instructions Manual Digital Escape Room 5th and 6th

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by Hello Speechie

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Subjects: holiday,seasonSummer,receptiveLanguage,Special Autism

Grades: 4,5,6,7

Description: You are stranded on an island, away from your family. Find a way to escape by collecting clues to make your final escape! Look around each of the rooms to find clickable objects. Each item you click on will prompt you to do something (read a short passage and answer comprehension questions, match vocabulary words to definitions, follow directions and choose the correct answer, etc.) or will have a message. WHAT IS IN THIS DECK: This deck includes 43 cards. A detailed instructions manual (it will be in your library called "Detailed Instructions Manual for Digital Escape Room 5th and 6th Grade Island Escape. If you can't find it, put this name in the search bar) to make it easier on the provider. Each room has multiple items to click on. This deck is jammed pack of language skill opportunities including; reading short passages comprehension questions inferencing vocabulary problem solving following directions decoding expressive language This deck is no prep, except for maybe a piece of scrap piece paper to help the escaper's remember things and is self-marking in that students have to answer questions in order to advance. This deck will benefit you if you have upper elementary or middle school aged students that need something fun and engaging to work on those challenging language goals.