Back to school worksheet All about me worksheet

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

by Piggybookshop

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Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: All About Me worksheet Activities for Kindergarten and special education. There are 100 pages in this worksheets for the whole year. It is sure to attract the attention of your students! Great method to learn about your students' interests, home lives, and academics at the start of the year! You can use these all about me worksheets to evaluate your special needs student's progress at the end of the year for special education classes. You will get : *All about me *Beginning letter of my name *My gender *Picture of parent *My mobile number *My Address *My Birthday *My feelings *My School picture and name *My Friend's picture and name *I can identify body part, fruit, vegetable, color, animal, vehicle, shape, back to school supplies and their names. * My five senses *Color by code *Sorting fruit vegetable *sorting animals *missing pictures, missing letters and numbers, *alphabet and number maze *counting *bigger or smaller *taller or shorter *sudoku *spot the difference *AB, ABB, AAB, ABC PATTERNS *Beginning letter of picture. *Identify Near or far *Identify up or down *identify more or less *identify open or close *identify long or short