Summer Sundaes A Piano Practice Incentive

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

by Miss Anna Swenny

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Grades: 0

Description: This 9 week Piano Incentive includes printables that have a practice check off sheet, and a link to 10 decks of Boom cards to be used either at home or during lessons. The Boom Decks focus on Beginner Music/Piano Theory, are fun, and colorful, and easy to understand. This Printable can be printed Pages 1-3 front and back and placed in students binders so they can mark off how many days they practice in the summer. I am using it as an incentive to earn parts of an ice cream sundae that they will be able to make at our end of summer Ice Cream social. The boom cards are a major help in this incentive and are used as part of my 20-20-20 lessons. They include 10 decks -Note naming -Keyboard review -Half and whole steps -Sharps and flats -Intervals -Steps and Skips -etc You can purchase the boom decks individually, but will get your best value in the bundle. I