Express it- identify it- pin it (What Questions)

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by Capuchin SLP

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Description: This activity teaches the child how to build and answer WHAT questions. There are 12 cards available. The child has to give the correct answer then pins the picture using clothespin. Also, the child can build WHAT questions using the icon at the top left as a visual cue to start. Use 2 slides/page in order to create perfect size cards! Following are the 12 questions included in this activity: 1-What do you wash your hair with? 2-What do you dry your hair with? 3- What do you open the door with? 4- What do you brush your teeth with? 5- What do you wash the clothes with? 6- what do you mop the floor with? 7- what do you cut paper with? 8- What do you wash the dishes with? 9- What do you eat with? 10- What do you call with? 11- What do you color with? 12- What do you build a tower with? Also you can use it as expressing pictures. Example: I wash the dishes with a sponge. (I use it this way so the child will have the opportunity to express pictures and identify object function at the same time)