School Attendance Intervention Activities for Teen Truancy

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Grades: 8,9,10,11,12

Description: Do you have tricky teens who are disengaging from school? Don't let teen truancy remain a mystery. Start meaningful conversations, identify the root causes, and implement effective strategies to boost school attendance with this intervention program Activities & Resources Included within this Program: *Common Underlying Reasons for School Disengagement: Ice-Berg *What are the barriers to attending school? Card Sorting Activity *School Attendance Intervention Board Game *Goal Setting Tracker for School Attendance *Why do I need to attend School? Card Sorting Activity *Why is School Important? Brainstorming Activity Please note, these activities are designed to identify underlying reasons for disengagement and develop a plan to increase attendance. Further intervention specific to the students needs may be required. For example, if bullying is a barrier then the student will need support with navigating bullying. If the students barrier is poor sleeping patterns, then they may need sleep hygiene intervention.