Santa Has Cookie Prob FP4

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by rickiblock

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Description: Santa Has A Cookie Problem Printable & Digital has the perfect activities before and during winter break. This story has it all with over 50 pages of activities you will love! Check out the extensive PREVIEW - there is a 2 page Cookie Game FREEBIE you can download Introductory Special Price! This is a predictable book which encourages predictions of what’s going to happen next and elicits many laughs. Predictable means that the storyline remains the same for each page and the child learns the phrase and the story sequence. Santa is ready to deliver presents in a train! He gets hungry and goes to the toy shop to get a cookie. When Santa comes out of the toy shop he has changed to a different color! Santa continues to each cookies and change colors! Students can predict which color will be next. This book can be printed - please check your settings on your printer to be able to print 2-sided. I printed my book 1-sided. This books targets: 1.Matching, identifying and naming colors. Counting items can be an additional activity. When I assess motor speech patterns I always have students count to 10 and name all the colors. 2.Predictions - You can ask student, what color do you think is next? 3.Labeling holiday vocabulary 4.Sentence building - present tense (is) , past tense ( was, ate, made, went, came, got) 5.Vocabulary concept - same, category of colors, big & little 6.Exclamations -lip rounding: whoa, oops, oh no, uh oh, ok, hohoho retraction: eek, wee, yay, open mouth