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by The Language Learning Pod

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Grades: 3,4,5

Description: 🍎 ESL / ESOL ACTIVITY | SOIL, WEATHERING and EROSION BUNDLE ⭐ This low prep, Science ESL / ESOL activity bundle on Soil, Weathering and Erosion, was created to develop your ESL / ESOL learners' LISTENING, READING, SPEAKING, and WRITING skills, as well as their ACADEMIC VOCABULARY on the topic of weathering, soil, and erosion, using the LANGUAGE OF CAUSE and EFFECT. ⭐ This ESL/ESOL activity resource on soil, erosion and weathering was developed to support your whole group lesson, students’ independent work or as a review or follow up activity. ⭐ It includes: 1. A READING mini book for your students’ book boxes or to take home and practice. 2. SCIENCE VOCABULARY 3. DIFFERENTIATED WRITING activities 4. SIGHT WORD reading and writing for your beginning readers. 5. BIG PICTURES, ready to print, for SPEAKING and PWIM (Picture Word Inductive Model) Activities. 6. CAUSE AND EFFECT activities 7. SENTENCE MATCHING activity 8. CLOZE Activity 9. Word Search Activity ⭐ If you enjoyed this product, you might also enjoy the other ESL/ESOL ACTIVITY resources: • PUMPKIN LIFE CYCLE - https://bit.ly/3qO8A7O • ALL ABOUT FALL - https://bit.ly/3RVCJhk • RENEWABLE and NONRENEWABLE RESOURCES - https://bit.ly/3dpieL6