Animal Coloring Pages-Mammals

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

by Ask The Health Educator

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Description: Product Description: Mammal Unit. Are you looking for a no prep, printable activity to supplement your mammal lesson? Kiddos love to color animals, and they will especially enjoy these coloring pages because they display one of the unique mammal characteristics- a mother providing milk for her young. This resource would be a great addition to a science lesson, calming corner, mindfulness activities and just for fun. Theses 12 coloring pages measure “8.5 x 11” portrait. Featured Mammals and Babies: Sea Otter and pup Horse and foal Manatee and pup Polar Bear and cub Kangaroo and Joey Horse and Foal Manatee and cub Giraffe and calf Elephant and calf Rhinoceros and calf Donkey and foal Camel and calf Thank you for your interest! Please follow us to learn about new and upcoming products. Our other related products: Fruit and Vegetable Coloring Pages Purchasing this product offers one license and is not intended to be shared. Thank you!